Kevin Vazquez, Photo Editor

In the world, there are so many different cultures and languages. Kenneth Osorio Galvez (11) has one goal, he wanted to learn more about the world and some of their cultures and languages.

“I really like languages, learning them, hearing them, reading them, they’re interesting,” Osorio said.

Osorio Galvez started his journey by learning Spanish and English when he was little. His sister helped him learn Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese. Apart from that, he learned French and wanted to start learning Chinese during his high school years.

“I just like listening to their accents, and being able to communicate myself with people from different countries seems really entertaining and helpful,” he said.

Osorio Galvez looked to travel to different countries and start his journey. He wanted to start with France and Switzerland since they both speak French. Apart from those countries, Osorio Galvez wanted to start learning about different cultures as well.

“[Some of the cultures I want to learn about are] Brazil, all the carnivals seem like they’re very interesting, I like how they are very colorful and all the music that they have,” Osorio Galvez said. “I would also love to learn more about Spain, it seems like they have an interesting culture especially in the sports department. I love sports, especially soccer.”

Osorio Galvez’s favorite soccer team was FC Barcelona, his favorite players were Araujo, Ter Stegen, Pedri, and De Jong. Outside of FC Barcelona. His all time favorite player was Lionel Messi whose current club is Paris Saint-Germain.

“[My obsession with soccer] started when I was younger, my dad grew up on it and he wanted me to enjoy it as well,” Osorio Galvez said. “He wanted me to be a Real Madrid fan but I ended up loving FC Barcelona and their playing style.”

His love for learning did not stop here. Osorio Galvez thought about going for a career that involved his love for culture and language. Some of the careers that he had in mind were a social studies teacher, a translator or documenting different parts of the world.

“Maybe [I will be] a political translator because it’s important for people to understand what they’re learning about and what’s going on in the world,” he said.

Some of the music he listened to also came from different countries. His favorite songs were “Levanta e Anda” by Emicida and “Si Loin de Vous” by Nãdiya.

“I played FIFA as a kid and Emicida was on there and I would get so hyped playing it,” Osorio Galvez said. “The song by Nãdiya was played during my French class, I had to ask Mr. Laurent for the name and now I enjoy listening to it.”

His inspiration for learning did not just come from a teacher or a video game. When Osorio Galvez was in kindergarten he had a delicate situation with his mom. Although it took a while to resolve it, Osorio Galvez realized that there is more out there in the world to learn. This opened his mind and made him see far more than before.

“I want to learn what [other countries] do and how they learn things,” Osorio Galvez said. “I want to have a possibility to reach out more around the world.”