Humans of IT: Luke Hogan

Arianna Moore, Editor-in-Chief/Reporter/Photographer/Designer

Being a wrestler and a football player, Luke Hogan (9) transitioned from middle school to high school sports. Hogan already made a mark on the programs by being a JV Football player as a freshman and a varsity wrestler. He spent the fall on the football field and the winter on the wrestling mat.

“My biggest challenge is never having a break from contact sports. I have to stay focused and dedicated all year round,” Hogan said.

Wrestling and football were sports that ran in the family. Starting football in first grade and wrestling at age five, he followed in his dad’s footsteps. Training for the football season entailed early mornings and late nights. Wrestling was everyday practice after school, Thursday meets and long Saturdays at tournaments.

“The goal for football is to be on varsity next year. For wrestling I want to make it to state,” Hogan said.

As a wrestler, they had to make the top two at the sectional tournament in order to make it to the individual state tournament. Hogan hoped to make it to State every year of high school. He qualified for the past six years while wrestling for the Kenosha Wrestling Academy.

“My favorite part of wrestling is that even though it is a team sport, I only have myself to rely on to take down my opponent. I have to train hard and dedicate myself to get the win,” he said.

Hogan’s mom, Tami Hogan, was his main motivator. She pushed him to keep doing his best and helped him reach his goals.

“I definitely feel that he will continue with football and wrestling into college. I believe his ultimate goal would be to continue playing after college as well. We love watching his intensity and fierceness on both the football field and wrestling mat. I hope he continues to take his athletic career as far as he can,” Tami said.