They’re Here! 2021 Yearbook Distribution


Let’s Talk About the 2020-21 Yearbook Distribution! The yearbooks are here and we are so excited for you to get yours!! Distribution is going to look a little different this year so let’s walk through it.
The Blaze staff will be distributing books at Indian Trail on August 11 from 8AM-12PM and August 12 from 1PM-6PM.
Come into the auditorium entrance using the doors in the cafeteria. From there you can go to any of the tables to get your book. If you are a returning student and cannot make it to the days listed, you can pick up your book after school once the school year starts.
Graduates and parents are considered visitors. Due to Indian Trail’s COVID-19 regulations, visitors are not allowed into the building. Using the auditorium doors just left of the main entrance, a parent/graduate can get their book from there.
Distribution will NOT be a drive through like last year. If you are a returning student you will have to come into the building and if you are a parent or graduate you will have to come up to the auditorium doors. Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions feel free to comment or message us! As always, Goooooo HAWKS!!