Dedication doesn’t have an off-season

senior Ava Murawski perseveres through life with a set plan for her future

Savannah Cooks and Kevin Vazquez

Dedication, a noun according to Oxford dictionary meaning ‘the hard work and effort that somebody puts into an activity or a purpose because they think it is important’. We as humans spend a fraction or more of our lives trying to figure out our ‘purpose’ but for some it just came naturally. One of those people was Ava Murawski (12), a student in the Medical Science Academy who was a member of multiple clubs like Deca, Women’s Rights and Empowerment, National Honor Society while also playing on ITHS’ varsity girl soccer team. Starting her career out early, Murawski enjoyed soccer since a young age.

“I’ve been playing soccer for 14 years,” Murawski said. “What made me want to play soccer was my dad and brothers, as well as my aptitude for the sport.”

Murawski’s skill for the sport allowed her to join the ITHS girl varsity soccer team her freshman year. Her hard work and dedication lead her to join multiple teams outside of school such as Kenosha Crew and AFC Union, as well as being invited to join FC Wisconsin by her assistant soccer coach, Will Tompkins.

“He invited me to join a high level club that he coached at, FC Wisconsin,” Murawski said. “Which was ECNL [Elite Clubs National League], the best team to play for.”

Not only did Muraswki work hard on the field, she took the same efforts in the classroom. Determined to have good grades, Murawski made sure she did what ever had to be done to accomplish it.

“Whenever I do something, I always put a 100% effort into it,” Murawski said. “That’s why on the field I find success.”

The efforts do not go unnoticed, especially by her peers.

“Ava is one of the most hardworking and passionate people I know,” Said Yasmine Khoury (12). “She does everything she puts her mind to and more. She is also not one to give up, she will keep trying until she achieves her goal.”

She also served as the Service Project Chair in NHS, a new position that was added. She coordinated the service projects that NHS hosted during the year.

Being in the Medical Science Academy, Murawski had her mind set on a medical career for awhile.

“I’ve wanted to be a doctor ever since I was little,” Murawski said. “I just always had a calling for it and taking care of people that need my help.”

During her junior year, Murawski unfortunately injured her knee, causing her to give up soccer. But this was not a set back for her, instead it was a force pushing her forward.

“[I want to] help those that have injuries like mine to get back to their daily lives.” Murawski said.

Planning on being a orthopedic physician assistant or a physician, Murawski had great plans for her future. Between on the field and in the classroom, Murawski’s hard work, determination, confidence and dedication were seen miles away. Although all eyes seemed to be on her, there is one thing that could go unnoticed, her empathy to others.

“[I] have a story of my own to help relate to future patients that I will treat,” Murawski said. “It’s always better to help someone get through something that you’ve gotten through because you understand their pain.”