Business as usual

Daniel Zalazar-Ramirez meets goals through his commitment and work ethic

Isabella Waldschmidt, Editor-in-Chief

Students of all grades gathered in the Hawk Shop to buy drinks, snacks, and school merchandise. Their loud discussions filled the store, and the sound of the cash register consistently went off as it processed their purchases. But, Daniel Zalazar-Ramirez (10) drowned out the chatter and was focused on the task at hand.

“My role is the inventory guy,” Zalazar-Ramirez said. “I count what we have in stock and tell the ordering team when we need to order any new items.”

Zalazar-Ramirez was in the Business Academy. Business had always been something Zalazar-Ramirez was interested in, so going into high-school he decided he wanted to give the Academy a try.

“I joined [the Business Academy] because I want to be an entrepreneur when I grow up,” Zalazar-Ramirez said. “I like the marketing aspect of the Academy.”

Being a Hawk Shop worker, a Business Academy student and a part of the yearbook staff, Zalazar-Ramirez found it hard to balance all of his commitments this year, but Hawk Shop adviser Heather Belke says Zalazar-Ramirez had no problem effectively finishing his tasks in the shop.

“He always stays on top of whatever he has to do, and he never lets anything slack,” Belke said. “[He is] always making sure everything is done by deadline.”

A good work ethic can be sometimes hard to come by, but Zalazar-Ramirez seemed to fit the bill with his commitment to his work.

“My work ethic [helps me in the shop],” Zalazar-Ramirez said. “Whenever I start something, I always intend to finish it and do the best I can in doing so.”