Senior Yearbook Pictures


REMINDER: Senior yearbook pictures are Oct. 11 &12th from 8:00-11:00 in the upper gym.

All seniors will have their photo taken in their graduation gown during the school day. They will be called down alphabetically by last name. Photos will be taken on October 11th & 12th. Photos will be from 8:00-11:00 both days. Please make sure you are in school on those days even if you have a release. If you are absent on either of these days, make sure you just stop up out of order to have your photo taken. Please plan ahead.

ID photos will NOT be used in the yearbook for seniors. Any seniors not photographed on these days will be listed as Not Pictured.

  1. KMA cadets may choose to wear the graduation gown or wear their Class A uniforms. This must be the COMPLETE Class A uniform and not just the button down shirt.
  2. Boys must wear a button down shirt and tie if they have one.

Hoodies will not be allowed for ANY students.

  1. Gowns will be provided for students.
  2. No hats (except with a military uniform) or other people, animals or props are allowed.
  3. Please remember these are simple headshots only!

VIP will take photos in the Upper Gym on October 11th & 12th

If you have questions, please contact me at [email protected].