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Packers Land in the Nest

2024 Tailgate Tour makes stop at Indian Trail
Dan Zalazar-Ramirez
Alex Green, Byran Bulaga, Mike Daniels, Rasheed Walker, Elgton Jenkins and Kenny Clark kick off the all-school assembly as part of the 2024 Tailgate Tour.

During what students were thinking was going to be a typical assembly in the gym, principal Scott Kennow gives his typical speech. He speaks on attendance, the upcoming prom and other subjects involving the school. Subtly, Kennow keeps checking the doors to the gym, looking out for what’s to come. When he’s given the go-ahead, he introduces the Green Bay Packers to the school as part of their 2024 Tailgate Tour.

This year’s tour includes current players Elgton Jenkins, Kenny Clark and Rasheed Walker, alumni Bryan Bulaga, Mike Daniels and Alex Green and President/CEO Mark Murphy. Indian Trail was the first stop on the second day of the tour.

Being able to interact with them in any way possible, it was pretty cool. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

— Abby Rozzoni

“My entire family is a football family and I grew up always watching it,” Abby Rozzoni (9) said. “Being able to interact with them in any way possible, it was pretty cool. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.” 

Students had the chance to participate in a Q&A with the players. Corbin Burrell-Warfield (9) and Packers alumni Alex Green share a heartfelt moment together on the court. 

“You know, they really opened my eyes,” Burrell-Warfield said. “I already had the ‘why’ I needed to push myself, but he really wanted to make me follow through with it more. I’m definitely going to work harder.”

Kennow had known since September about the Packers coming to school. He only told his parents and his wife, and he shared that he was struggling to keep something so big from his friends and colleagues. 

“When I knew they were coming, they told me it had to be a secret,” Kennow said. “I’m not super great with secrets. I was giddy knowing that like six months later we were gonna be having this opportunity to bring them in. It ended up being really well worth it and it’s a great day.”

According to the official Packers Instagram account, the goal of their Tailgate Tour is to spread the message of overcoming adversity and the importance of hope. Players talked about the challenges that they personally faced and how they overcame them.

“Two years ago, I tore my ACL,” Elgton Jenkins said. “It took like nine months to come back from that injury and it was one of the hardest things that I had to ever endure in my life.”

The personal experiences shared by Packers players left an impact on the students. 

“Those men really inspired me because they’re actually, like, up there and I want to be like them,” Burrell-Warfield said.

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