Brenna Jasniewski, Editor-in-Chief

Many people had that one thing that that allowed them to carry confidence and pride while doing. Something that they showed a passion for and enjoy doing in our free time. That passion for Vayda Forgette (10) was figure skating. She had been with the sport for almost 12 years. Forgette had the chance to compete in sectionals which was an annually held competition between the best of the best skaters. Forgette was put in multiple sports and activities when she was younger, but skating was the one that had stuck with her.

“I’ve been skating since I was three and it’s just something my family put me in,” she said.

Forgette had a family history of people on the ice and she hoped to continue skating when she got older.

“My brother used to be in hockey and my sister skates at a lower level because she’s younger,” Forgette said. “I definitely want to continue skating throughout college. I mean, I’m not going to the Olympics, but just for fun.”

Forgette was committed since day one and dedicated the majority of her time to practice. She practiced five to six times a week, early morning and late at night. Over time the nerves of being on the ice died down.

“I don’t get as nervous as I did when I was younger because when I compete I’m used to it now,” Forgette said. “I definitely do prefer being on the ice alone and just skating for my program because it’s really fun.”

For Forgette, the most important thing she remembered was to keep a positive attitude and stay committed.

“When I’m practicing, there’s obviously good and bad days,” Forgette said. “Sometimes I honestly don’t want to be there in the morning, but then I just know, it’s all worth it in the end.”

Forgette’s energy on the ice kept her constantly working harder and improving with her skill. Forgette’s coach, Britni Trinidad, explained how her energy contributed to the sport.

“Vayda is a natural on the ice and is always determined to be better than her last skate,” Trinidad said. “She is a true competitor against herself and attacks her skating while also showing the true beauty and grace of our sport.”

All of Forgette’s time was put towards working persistently so she could make it to sectionals.

“If I wasn’t dedicated to showing up to practice and working hard to achieve my goals all these years, I would not have made it to sectionals,” Forgette said. “It was always a goal of mine to make it to sectionals one day. Once I was there, I knew the hard work paid off and it was just time to have fun and enjoy the experience.”

Others, including her team member Emma Davis, also noticed her dedication on the ice.

“Vayda’s energy and discipline on the ice is contagious,” Davis said. “She never gives up and always pushes herself to be the best version of herself on the ice.”

After all her hard work, it finally paid off and Forgette made it to sectionals. During the competition she was focused and determined to do her best.

“While I was skating, I was focusing on skating my best so I could end the season off on a good note,” Forgette said. “When I was there, I didn’t place, but I was just grateful to be there and get the whole experience.”