Humans of IT: Tegan MCGranahan

Balancing all of life’s difficulties was a skill that many students had to learn at a young age. Tegan McGranahan (11) was one such student. The oldest of seven siblings, McGranahan helped her parents a lot with watching the kids. On top of that, she was in the Kenosha Military Academy and worked for about 20 hours a week as a host at Red Robin.

“It’s helped me manage everything,” McGranahan said. “It’s made me a fast learner. Even though I’m 16, I think I’d be okay as an adult right now. It might be stressful, but I could do it.”

McGranahan hoped to someday leave Kenosha and experience the world, whether that was by joining the Army or another path. She had dealt with a lot in her life, like having to deal with depression and anxiety, but she persevered through it.

“I got depressed, but I realized I had to change my mindset on things, because if I didn’t then I was just going to be stuck like that, and it wasn’t going to get any better and I wasn’t going to get any happier,” McGranahan said.

The summer before her junior year, she got a job. McGranahan worked while helping take care of her siblings. She had to balance work, school, her social life and mental health.

“I sometimes wish that I didn’t have so many responsibilities, but at the same time, if I didn’t have any of them, I wouldn’t be as strong of a person as I am. I wouldn’t be set for life,” McGranaham said. “Right now I’m okay with everything, and I love my siblings. We have such a close relationship.”

Overcoming these obstacles could be a difficult task for anyone. McGranahan showed that with the right ambition anything could be possible. As she progressed with a positive mindset and attitude, her commitment to balancing life came easier.

“I’ve become a stronger person. l know how to manage things a lot more. I think trying to stay positive is the biggest challenge because it all gets to be a lot sometimes,” she said. “Also dealing with mental health, you have to take time for yourself; that’s a big thing because when you’re trying to do everything else it’s insane.”