Humans of IT: Isaac Harmening

Karen Sancha, Copy Editor/Reporter/Photgrapher

Issac Harmening (9), new to high school and the Business Academy, was unphased by the pressures of being the third member of his family in the academy.

“I don’t feel as if I’m following in [their] footsteps,” Harmening said. “I like to try and carve my own path and go my own way.”

Though he was one of the youngest siblings, he didn’t feel like he could not keep up with his sisters. He enjoyed being in the academy and the classes it offered. He even considered a career in business in the future.

“Isaac wants to work in the business world when he graduates from college,” Mrs. Kelli Cairo, his business teacher, said. “He is not yet sure what area he wants to work in exactly, but he is currently enrolled in our Finance Pathway and thinks that may be the route he wants to follow.”

Harmening participated in various outside activities like varsity wrestling and jiu jitsu. He competed in tournaments alongside his sister Alejandra Harmening (10).

“We have been doing Brazillian Jiu Jitsu together for about three years. We go three times a week and have done a lot of tournaments together,” Alejandra said.

On top of his classes and extracurriculars, Harmening maintained his integrity and values. He did not let the pressures of high school affect him, and he left a positive impact on those around him.

“Although a freshman, he is very aware of what is going on classmates, teachers and society in general,” Cairo said. “Rather than react, he listens and learns from a situation, waiting to see what he can do to contribute, help or improve it.”