It’s not clothes, it’s Garments

senior Eric Salgado strives to get his clothes into other peoples closets

Sergio Musaitef, Reporter/Photographer/Digital Media Editor/Celebrations Coordinator

There were not a lot of people like Eric Salgado (12). Salgado did many things during his high school career, including being a part of Latinos in Action, the Business Academy and starting his own clothing business called Garments. Salgado sold vintage and modern clothing using Instagram and other social media. He also made his own merchandise that was unique from others. He was able to make, buy, and sell all of these clothes that he gets.

“I chose to sell vintage clothing because it is something I am truly passionate about,” Salgado said. “Each piece is unique and comes with a story behind it. It is also something that anyone can purchase and appreciate.”

He began selling clothing when he was in middle school. He always had a passion and the drive to keep going.

“I began by selling my own (personal) clothing at the beginning of the pandemic,” Salgado said. “I would post pictures of my clothing on my Snapchat and sell those to others.”

Salgado even sold clothes to LA Dodgers player and Kenosha native Gavin Lux. One of the reasons he started this business was because of his passion for clothing and the vintage style as a whole. There were a few people he looked up to as well.

“I had many inspirations, but some people were Rhuigi, Sean Weatherspoon, and Paul Cantu,” Salgado said. “From a business standpoint I really looked up to Nike and Round two. I love wearing vintage clothing and sweaters. I feel the most comfortable when I’m wearing those. But I love to pull out my boots and cowboy hat every once in a while.”

Along with that, his parents stuck by him and supported him throughout the whole process.

“The moment that I appreciate the most was when my parents told me they were proud of what I was doing,” Salgado said. “My parents are my heroes and when those words came from them, it was amazing.”